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The Yin & Yang energy principle

Oriental thought is largely characterized by energetic principles and the representation of symbols that express them. One of them is the Yin & Yang polarities, which tells us that these two forces / energies can be applied to everything - to the elements of nature, to human beings, but also to activities, events and even emotions. And that they complement each other in everything in the universe, to give rise to a greater sense of Unity - the TAO. The energetic principle underlying all creation.

And since we are not Orientals, but today, more than ever, we can be universal, we have the possibility of integrating perspectives from Taoist Eastern thought, which has conceived the universality of human existence for thousands of years. And it's about it, too, that I'm willing to share what I've already learned and integrated into my personal and professional experience, in mentoring, group programs and Feng-Shui environments.

Find out more on the website about the events and programs I run where I teach Eastern Wellness approaches to leaders.

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