A Journey of Inspiration

I created a vision of life that promotes the development of a perspective of living in harmony and I've been integrating and practicing harmonizing principles for 9 years now, improving our lives as human beings.  
I realized that I could and wanted to, share these teachings with others and so it has been a part of this inspiring journey. Admittedly, I chose to carry out this journey through learning by doing, one of the principles of Taoist leadership, a philosophy on which I base many of the learnings ti teach in my practice and day to day living.
Feng-Shui is the art and practice of harmony that inspires all this action.   I believe, and continually prove, how much this source of ancient Chinese wisdom contains unique benefits, when applied to the dynamics of modern life.

It is in itself a continuous “field of investigation”, which I reconcile with practices from other Oriental cultures. My commitment is to help drive greater results of balance, success and cooperation in the lives of the people I help.
I am currently dedicated to working with vanguard leaders for whom their environment becomes the greatest ally for a life of complete Well-being and Happiness.

If you want to start being a leader in the future that we are creating, let's get in touch!


Articles, essays and interviews

Edição 15 GAMECHANGER - Cultura hibrida (Março 2022) Artigo Feng-Shui.jpg



I participated in the edition Nº 15 of the online magazine 'Game Changer' from the Galileu group