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A Path of Inspiration

I have created a vision of life that caters to the development of aperspective of living in harmony. And as after the idea, its construction follows, that's what I did. And I've been integrating and practicing harmonizing principles for 9 years that improve our lives as human beings.  

And I realized that I could, and wanted to, share with others and so it has been a part of this inspiring journey. Admittedly, I chose to undertake this journey through learning by doing, one of the principles oftaoist leadership, philosophy on which I base many of the lessons I dedicate myself to teaching how to practice living.  

And theFeng Shuiit is the art and practice of harmony that inspires all this action.  I believe and continually prove how much this source of Chinese ancestral wisdom contains in itself unique benefits, when applied to the dynamics of modern life.

Still constituting an ongoing “research field”, and which I reconcile with practices from other Eastern cultures, my commitment is to help drive greater results frombalance, success and cooperationin the lives of the people I serve. I am currently dedicated to working with vanguard leaders for whom the environment becomes the greatest ally for a life of Well-being and Happiness.

If you want to start being a leader of the future we are creating, let's talk!


Articles, essays and interviews

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I participated in issue Nº 15 of the online magazine Game Changer of the Galileo group


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