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For leaders and professionals who want to inspire their communities.

About Me

Fernanda Helena is a specialist in individual and organizational Positive Change processes. Graduated in International Relations with experience working in international teams, she studies Eastern philosophies of balance and is a Feng-Shui practitioner and consultant, an energetic practice that inspires us to live in Harmony.


Inspirational Experiences

Programs and Consulting for Leaders

Discover the innovation of Inspirational Mentoring for leaders and cutting-edge professionals, based on well-being practices, a life and executive coaching that promotes a unique experience of inspiring leadership with a sense of harmony.

Inspirational Environments

Feng-Shui is an Eastern philosophy of living in harmony with nature applied to human environments.

Discover the consultancy and energy analysis of environments - for home and work spaces - to experience greater personal harmony and professional success.

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Everything that is in our environment has an influence on us. Have the energy that inspires your success and supports your happiness.

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