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2022 Christmas Feng-Shui Workshop

Come and learn how to create Christmas Inspiration all month long at your Home!

If you want to learn how to apply Feng-Shui in your spaces, this workshop is for you! If you've already started the practice of applying Feng-Shui at home, this workshop is for you! If you like this Christmas season and making your surroundings as happy as possible for the family, this workshop is definitely for you!

Christmas is the time of year when our homes take on greater preponderance, and when all personal and family dynamics call for a deeper and broader experience of affection and sharing.

The teaching base of this workshop is Feng-Shui applied to events and celebratory moments, a dimension of its application less known to most people. For example, Feng-Shui can be applied to weddings, anniversaries, parties and company openings and, in this case, we will learn to apply it to Christmas festivities.

I have been conducting workshops on this topic for nine years and the widespread experience is that it is always new for all participants. No one is indifferent to the learning they receive at the Christmas Workshops, which positively marks a new way in which they conceive the experience of this time in their homes and with their families in the future.

The invitation is for them to discover what to put in the house to intensify the feeling of magic of this time and the connection that allows a healthy coexistence with the people who are dearest to us. And for that, I'm going to teach you how to create the energies that make the Spirit of Christmas an experience that you can see and feel.

Specifically in this workshop we will learn:

  • How to give gifts with positive energy

  • The energetic meaning of Christmas symbols and how and where to use them in the home

  • The energetic placement of the Christmas tree

  • Experiences for the month of December at home and for the festive days that involve everyone

All practices taught are inspired by the Oriental Philosophy of Feng-Shui, of living in harmony with the surroundings, and adapted to the modern Western reality so that all people who learn and apply it can develop greater knowledge and obtain a better experience of their environments for the benefit of everyone around you.


Thursday, 1st December 2022


Price: €36

Online workshop is presented via Zoom, in Portuguese language

Register below until November 30, 2022!

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