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Boost your environment, lead better

Our ancestors were always aware of the importance of the environment that surrounded them. And they chose the places to live or to obtain better agricultural gains according to the elements of nature, springs, mountains or plains.

Today, the benefits of gathering the best conditions from the surrounding environment remain a powerful factor when we want to obtain better results from our human action.

The principles of Feng-Shui, an oriental practice of spatial harmony, and that literally its words represent "wind" (feng) and "water" (shui) when applied to a workplace allow to maximize the results of focus , productivity and well-being.

And in its application to the modern workspaces of leaders that I follow, one of the priorities I currently give is to meeting spaces, small or more spacious. This is because, being places of decision-making, it is essential that the best conditions are created there for leaders to have the environment that helps them to improve their mental performance in crucial moments. The colors, the luminosity, the positioning of the furniture and the natural elements available must always create the greatest possible harmony.

Education about the benefits and how leaders can start applying Business Feng-Shui in their workplaces in the Inspiring Leaders Program.

Learn more about the upcoming Inspiring Leaders Summer Edition HERE on our website!

With Inspiration!

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