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Who is Fernanda Helena?

I am a Coach and Inspiration Mentor specializing in positive change and I promote opportunities for each person to learn to integrate a mindset of Well-being and Harmony.

The action that I am currently carrying out results from the combination of philosophies and teachings of balance that I felt the need to seek to overcome my own personal challenges, on a physical and emotional level, with my multicultural experiences of working in international environments and my international professionalization in Coaching. Added to that is a profound learning experience of more than 25 years in Feng-Shui: an ancient Oriental technique that helps us to live in harmony, and with which I learned that the environment that surrounds us is fundamental to being healthy and thriving in life.

I could write a lot about my experiences, effectively different, diverse and inspiring, however, the best way to get to know me is really in-person.

I am a person oriented towards action, towards the other and, above all, towards internal action, which brings immediate results in terms of well-being.

You can expect from me less "great theories" and samples of “spectacular” moments, as for me they are almost all, and a little more availability for intimate conversations and private moments that actual can improve our lives.

Yes, life is made up of moments and relationships - and it makes sense of how we choose to live these relationships in each moment. I argue that a conscious choice of the places and people we love to be with is essential for us to feel good about ourselves and others. And I also believe and know that, regardless of situations or constraints, we are powerful, and we can choose how to react and how to feel, how to see and how to analyze, how to decide and how to act. That, often, all it takes is a little push, a closer perspective to ours, a word of courage or just a well-posed question to push us in a new direction: a spiral of well-being and personal growth, a new dimension of infinite possibilities. We are part of the Universe, but with a particularity: we are conscious parts: capable of thinking and acting, not only by instinct but, above all, by values and will.

If this way of being makes you want to exchange a few words with me, I can say that the best ways to do so are to meet for a chat and have tea or coffee, participate in one of my upcoming events or schedule an online conversation for us to know each other. These are the personal encounters that I like the most, because the human dimension of our world is really one of my passions, which drives me to try to be a little better every day. And the most direct way is through sharing with people with whom I create links of energy that I value, care for and am happy to be with others.

I wrote a little more than usual, but it was important to communicate who I am and my constant choice to live, embracing all the contexts of change that life presents to us.In my experience, this choice has been from the individual to the social, and always done in a positive way.

You can also learn more about this path that I take and accompany those who want to take it, with characteristics of Eastern thought and practices of living perfectly integrated in the Western construction and in the Whole, the global, in which we are increasingly invited to experience ourselves.

Visit my website where I present my Mentoring, Coaching and Feng-Shui programs for Leaders, in which I teach individuals and groups to live with Well-being.

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