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Feng Shui for Health

It inspires you to have your Personal Wellness practices and Feng-Shui routines in your home that give you back greater Health and Vitality. FH

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Feng Shui for Health
Feng Shui for Health

Horários e Localização

20 May 2021, 18:00 – 19:00



In this workshop we will approach Health and Well-being from a perspective of self-knowledge and learn to develop daily and regular practices that enhance living with greater vitality and physical, emotional and mental balance .

Each participant can thus begin to immediately apply significant and immediate changes in their daily personal experience in order to promote their integral well-being.

Who is it for? All people who want to develop more knowledge about how they can integrate Well-being into their daily routines and who want to live in a healthier and more positive way. 

Topics to be presented:

  • Wellness Concept and Practices
  • The importance of integrating Wellness practices into personal and professional dynamics
  • Well-being Changes: From individual practice to family sharing
  • Feng-Shui: Home Support for Greater Health and Vitality

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