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This is a Wellness offer dedicated to women.

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I believe you identify with these situations, which @ led you to look for alternatives, and most likely to have reached this momentum. Even so:

- Persists to keep the thought that things will pass and that it has happened more times

- Do you consider that excessive tiredness is something common to almost everyone you know, and that, therefore, it is a general affliction and that it also affects you

- Pose the hypothesis that you may be deviating from the bigger problems that you think you have to solve now, and that you think about it later; that is, postpone thinking about what most affects the essence of your own life…


There is only one time and right time to start changing these conditions,it's today and now, because the energy that doesn't start getting better will continue to get worse...
Image by Lina Trochez
Image by Luke Ellis-Craven


- You are still not in the habit of taking concrete action to want to improve what is being harmful to your health and quality of life 


- With so much to do and manage for others, you tend to put off taking concrete action to do something that puts #1 in your life

- If your mental and emotional fatigue is long-standing, so is the attitude of wanting to ignore it. You can even complain, but you don't know how to get out of this cycle; not even moving forward to make new definitions that allow you to be in the inner balance you want and deserve every day

- It has a wide range of ideas, concepts and beautiful phrases that you read everywhere about what you need to do, but in the physical reality in which we move, words do not change everything - actions are the bearers of true transformation.

- Although knowing the importance of having valuable support for your professional success, you still haven't dared to have Coaching and Mentoring for your personal well-being

You have the possibility to choose yourself!


- If you inspires your health and well-being to be the greatest value you can count on in all your personal achievements

- If you inspires your relationships to be an ongoing source of your well-being and happiness

- If you inspires you to feel authentically full of yourself every day and be a memorable presence in the lives of people you come across


What I can tell you is that I know all this in the first person.


And because I have always been passionate about what I choose to do, the continued states of fatigue led me to invest in Wellness Coaching and learning, which allowed me to change what was necessary to be able to do what is important to me.

And when I started to know how to make authentic and assertive choices with myself, “my world” changed, positively. Change is part of my “modus operandi”, and a continuum of learning and practices has brought me to the place where I am today teaching and promoting unique Wellness experiences to other people, also with modern and modern lifestyles. who value their health and quality of life. 

Happy Meditator
When you feel an inexplicable energy ofWell-being and Inspiration, you know you are being genuine, and others can feel it in you

Start improving your well-being

I'm Fernanda and I teach people with dynamics of modern life to develop greater connection with themselves and others, increase their well-being and create a fuller and more inspired life. 

It seems interesting, but specifically how do I do it?​

I use all my knowledge and long experience of learning and teaching professionals to live with Well-being to help them enjoy each day of life with the Energy and Assertiveness that they are inspired to achieve.

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