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An  experience of Well-Being, Inspiration and Success for leaders

A specialized and innovative approach to leadership, centered on a Practice of Inspiration for leaders with the following skills:

Wellness Coaching  | Inspiring Leadership | Personal Feng-Shui for Leaders

Program Objectives:

Learning Focus and Organization practices of eastern origin
Increased well-being and inspiration in everyday life
Develop a Happiness perspective to lead in life and work
Training to create leadership with Wisdom, Vision and Harmony

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This program takes place as a process that allows, after each session, the immediate application of learning in the circumstances and reality of each participant. It also promotes an immediate and continuous increase in self-motivation, proactivity, development of personal focus and greater levels of personal energy in your professional environment.

The exclusivity of 
Feng Shui for Leaders

Feng-Shui is an ancient philosophy of living in harmony with nature applied to human environments. The benefits of its practice are immediately felt in terms of the well-being of people who interact in spaces where energy exchange takes place.

Who is it for?

Intended for leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, coordinators, as well as technical, liberal and education professionals who want to develop their human skills to get more personal and professional leadership.

Contact us now to receive the full Program and Terms of participation in more detail.

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The course is very avantgarde . The themes are very new, innovative and essential for the management of any company. The foundation of a successful company begins with quality, inclusive leadership, servant leadership .

Margarida Brites

photo Fernanda Helena

Fernanda Helena is an Inspiration Mentor specializing in accompanying Positive Change processes and promoting professional and human environments of Inspiration and Well-being for leaders and teams.

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