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The socially established, what is 'new' and Coaching...

I like contexts. To frame a certain person in their social and family context, to frame each situation in its temporal or cultural context.

For example, in the social context, what is presented as novelty is usually challenging, as people prefer what is already established to the new. We all recognize ourselves in this approach. And until others tell us that they “do it too” or that they have already tried it and liked it or had results, it is that most people start to ponder what, perhaps, the “new” can also be for them. Take, for example, alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, which is now recognized and offered in some Portuguese hospitals, or hypnosis, which is also used as a substitute for anesthesia in some surgeries in our hospitals. Information technologies themselves are often rejected at first, so that later on we all start using them because it is easier, faster or because it brings us great benefits.

In the context of useful "news", Coaching is undoubtedly a human development tool that "you hear about", but that continues to challenge our faith! We are faced with something that arouses curiosity for many, but remains unknown for most. The truth, however, is that since I discovered Coaching, my life has changed. And for much better. I learned to live slower and to live by priorities throughout the days. I've stopped putting off the things I decide are important to me and doing more of what's important, more calmly. Coaching taught me and helped me to say the right "no's" and the concrete "yes" that give me back a true feeling of well-being. Briefly, I am happier.

In fact, working with us is not over, even for those who have already taken many courses in this area or already have several certifications. I also have my coaches and mentors - as humans, it is impossible for us to see all angles of our mind without help. The best thing is to look at this job as our personal hygiene - every day we take a shower, and we don't expect not to have to take another one in the next 30 days... The good news is that, just like when we were 3 years old, we needed someone's help to take a rigorous bath and as we grow we become independent in this capacity, when we start a coaching process we also acquire tools to increasingly see ourselves better and help ourselves. Until one day what challenges us today is no longer a problem for us.

Other challenges will await us at that time, other contexts. But that's called "evolution," and we all like to think that tomorrow we'll be better than we are today, don't we?

One of the things I like most in the context of Coaching is that we learn not to “point fingers or mistakes”, but rather to see truths that edify and to develop understanding, acceptance and to discover our own qualities.

It is this Coaching that I fell in love with from day one and that I am, at this moment, dedicated to working with leaders. Perhaps it is useful, in this context, to define that Leaders are all the people in their lives who have to make social commitments about other people. They are also people who sometimes feel they are not prepared to coordinate their internal aspects - emotions, desires, dreams - with their external commitments - family, profession, social circles.

It was because my experience was, and continues to be, so positive that I dedicated myself to studying, training in these areas and dedicating my energy and time to bringing results to the lives of the people I work with.

I like contexts, as I said. Therefore, perhaps there are differentiating approaches that I apply to the singularities of each situation. This is one of the aspects that I bring to my work as a Coach, helping people to elevate their mental, social or environmental contexts. I specialize in emotional issues and the challenges that everyday life poses to all people who want to be successful professionally and socially. Because, in fact, Success can be easy and light, when we learn to live with the newness of who we really are.

In my dedication to the essentials of my life and the personalized work I carry out with my coachees, I may be less present online, but I am always available to be with those who want to know more or commit to this path of discovery and success.

Over the next 2 weeks you can schedule free individual sessions with me, where I will be happy to talk about the areas in which you would like to advance, right now, and achieve the personal or professional Well-being you want so much.

Book your session following the link above or contact me via email at: to learn about my options for coaching.

Heads up! I work with leaders in Coaching stages and I am starting the last phase of 2022 – from October to December, so the interviews take place during the aforementioned period.

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