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Living with Harmony and Inspiration is also something you learn

For those who conceive the energetic perspective that we are co-creators of our lives, you know that the part that is up to us in creating new possibilities and experiences in line with our identities and life values begins in our minds and extends to our daily choices.

This is the path accessible, today, to all people and, in particular, to those who are reading these lines. We have access to information, means and support professionals to overcome and improve our internal and mental skills.

In the same proportion, this unique opportunity, today, in humanity to grow on a human level is often lived in a tenuous way and without greater results, or even with disappointment and frustration for not achieving the ideal results.

Well, to work on the mind, as in any other area in which we want to become strong and good, we need to learn from those who already know to teach us, practice with a method and in a way that is adequate to the characteristics and circumstances of each person, and a will that overcomes the vicissitudes that the mind brings at each moment.

For those who want to have a strong mind, the possible results can be achieved on two levels: greater control and inner harmony and more positive emotional states that allow us to deal with, and overcome, stress, anxieties and imbalances from the initial stages, and, on the other hand, a growing mental and life discipline that are powerful drivers of new stages of personal fulfillment.

Because I know firsthand that this personal progress is more easily done in a structured way and with specialized learning and support to lead us to new personal achievements, I created a “formula” that has proven to propel stages of inner and personal growth for people who want to go to another level of their mental and human experience: the ICTV Online Course.

And it is with great joy that I announce its 5th Edition, which begins on May 9, 2021. Through the cycle of personal transformation that this course offers, participants achieve new life stages that allow them to be in the personal and professional life of a more balanced, happy and effectively inspired by their experiences.

To share the specifics and news of this innovative Course, which combines the learning of Wellness practices and the Feng-Shui experience at home for all participants, I will hold an online presentation session on April 19th, at 20:30H at 9 pm. You can access this Session HERE, via the Zoom Platform.

And I extend this invitation to all readers so that they can participate and learn about the contents and specifics of the sessions and how they can start living with Inspiration in their lives and at home. (P.s. You can forward this invitation to whoever you think is aligned with this energy. Thank you)

May the inspiration in your life and in your home begin, simultaneously, in the new edition of the ICTV Online course. I will be on this side to bring inspiring teachings that transform our lives, in a healthy and positive way.

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