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Get inspired by your Life

An innovative course that combines three dimensions of human inspiration:
Live with Wellbeing + Learn a philosophy of Harmony + Practice Feng Shui



Aimed at all people who want to learn how to integrate healthier and more positive practices into their daily lives, both personally and professionally.


You know this course is for you if…

  • you want to improve the relationships you have with the people in your life?

  • you want to feel more vitality and joy in your routines?

  • you want to develop a mindset of Happiness and Balance in life

  • you want to start a new project and have the energy and focus to complete it?

  • you want to increase your inner experience of self-esteem and self-worth

ICTV: Sobre


-  New renewed and improved edition for 2023


The ICTV Course is proof that Inspiration also commands life!

An innovative course that promotes a process of highly transformative positive change, allowing you to integrate a perspective of life with Energy and Well-being and create individual and family environments with Harmony


The Feng-Shui experience promotes increased capacity for focus and organization and teaches how to create energetically Healthy environments, stimulating Happiness and Success with immediate results in the lives of participants.

ICTV: Sobre


Feng-Shui is an ancient oriental technique for harmonizing environments whose application promotes an increase in positive energies that directly and exponentially influence our well-being and our actions. 


Therefore, an energetic environment beneficial to our objectives is a highly potentiating support for opportunities for personal and family growth and happiness.


During the course you will have the experience of holding an individual Feng-Shui Mentoring session in your home to energetically transform an area of your life into your personal environment.


Get inspired to know more about this course

The Inspire yourself with Your Life Course (ICTV) allows you to initiate a new stage of Well-being and Personal Harmony to those who attend it through a process of positive change highly transformative.

•  9 Weeks 

•  ONLINE Format

•  25 Training Hours

Contact to receive the Course Program and the calendar next edition!



The ICTV course helped me to feel more confident and I learned to recognize abilities in myself that I had not yet explored. One of the results was to have created my own international business of essential oils.
I noticeably expanded my potential as a human being, and I especially learned to know what is important for my well-being, to focus and put myself in the moment, and to take time for myself.
I recommend it to anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with themselves and learn how Feng-Shui helps us to strengthen our relationship with our home and our well-being.

Valeria Auton


Fernanda Helena is an Inspirational Mentor specializing in accompanying Positive Change processes, both personally and professionally, and in creating human environments of Well-being and Inspiration for individuals and groups.

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